Tourism Unit in the countryside - country house, built up of granite, with two suites (Jugs and Lagoon of Passion) and two twin rooms (Beeches of São Lourenço and Zezere’s Glacial Valley)

quality and excellence products

Little shop where you may find the best products of the region. From Serra da Estrela Cheese, made of bordaleira sheep’s milk, to heather honey originating at the slopes of the sierra. From the sublime liqueurs to the delicious traditional jams. From the original pure wool blanket to the diverse burel articles.

on each nook a new inspiration

By the fireplace in the winter or in the panoramic balcony by summer, enjoy a hot tea or a refreshing drink. Give time to reading, valuing the books and magazines dispersed through the house. Landscape photography as an artistic expression assumes a central role in the dynamic of the enterprise. Heighten your inspiration through the existent works in the house.

discovering the best landscape

Discover Serra da Estrela shepherd’s treaded trails and take with you unique landscapes that you will remember forever. Let yourself go by natural landscape photographer Miguel Serra.

SERravale, live more

Serravale - House & Nature

Quinta de Santo António
6260 - 191 Manteigas - Portugal

Phone: + 351 275 982 825 | + 351 965 611 163

Latitude: 40°23'43.04"N | Longitude: 7°32'17.27"W

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